Circumstances around School

Sperical Features of Tokyo Meisei

  • MIC enhances students' Japanese-language skills and helps them pass level N1 of the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) as well as entrance examinations for famous universities.
  • MIC of fers excel lent college-preparatory instruction and guidance in everyday life and encourages
    and motivates students to learn.
  • Student needs are met through careful instruction
    in small-class settings as well as individual instruction.
  • With an excellent team of professors and classes divided according to student ability,
    each individual student can receive instruction
    at his/her own pace.
  • Our specialized staff members support students in everyday life.
  • MIC has its own scholarship programs. Please ask for more information.

Educational Policyies

  1. MIC offers instruction with the goal of helping all students gain skills
    for entering universities/vocational schools matching their goals.
  2. To make Japanese-language instruction the best it can be, classes are divided
    according to skill level, aiming to improve the skills of each student effectively.
  3. To prevent any problems caused by differences between the culture
    and customs of Japan and those of the student' s home country,
    Tokyo Meisei Japanese Language School has specialized staff members
    offering instruction in everyday life.
    These friendly staff members can offer help or advice
    on any problem students may have.

Circumstances around School